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Privacy Independence Leadership


Claude Romy’s core values are: honesty, transparency, confidentiality and loyalty. His personality is committed to his work and the missions entrusted to him, determined to defend the legacy as well as the interests of his clients.

Mindset of analysis and conciseness

Good ability to quickly understand complex problems, deduce the stakes and come up with practical solutions.

Language proficiency

Multilingual – French, English, German, Italian. Accustomed to working with interlocutors from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Financial sensitivity and intuition, a sense of negotiation

Very comfortable in the analysis and understanding of financial situations, ability to dialogue with investors, banks, financial leaders of a company, trustees/auditors and lawyers.

Leadership & Communication

Independent, assertive personality who maintains a critical mind in all circumstances. Highly tactile with various groups of individuals and good mediation skills.

“Je connais Claude Romy depuis plus de 20 ans, j’apprécie son pragmatisme ainsi que son bon sens. Il apporte à la fois des idées originales et est à l’écoute de ses interlocuteurs.”

Alain Nicod, Entrepreneur et investisseur