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Strategy & Negotiations

Support in strategy development, options evaluation and scenarios of evolution, the reorganization of the company and its financing.

Project management & execution

Business transformation in Switzerland and abroad, restructuring, expansion and implementation of companies in other regions/countries, monitoring of investments, strategic partnerships, support and advice for generational transition.

Financial expertise, continuing education and executive coaching

In terms of mergers and acquisitions, business development, business transformation.

Experienced manager and advisor

In order to assist you with the management of your business, we provide all the skills that an experienced director/officer is required to possess. Our services panel allows us to offer you a tailor-made service depending on your needs, taking on different types of responsibilities such as project manager, member of an advisory committee(advisor) or a board of directors and chairman of a board or committee.
Thanks to its professional network, which has been created over the past thirty years both in Switzerland and abroad, ROMY Management collaborates with quality professional partners: lawyers, accountants/tax specialists, real estate experts, computer/digital specialists, bankers, insurance specialists and pension funds. We are experienced in coordinating these professional skills effectively in the implementation of your business transformation projects.
“If I ever have a need for an expertise in finance, acquisition, or business management, I would definitely call on Claude again”

Jack D. Gulati, Founder and owner Fidelity Technologies, USA